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Promote sustainability with GS1

Economically, environmentally and socially sustainable business models are no longer a differentiator, but a sign of entrepreneurial vision. With GS1 and ECR, you can easily implement your sustainability projects.

Businesses and governments around the world are increasingly adopting more sustainable economic, environmental and social measures. More and more consumers are demanding product selection based on sustainable product attributes and origin information.

With GS1 standards, processes and projects, you can capture and document information on product packaging, the origin of raw materials, production conditions and the identification of chemical substances. Thanks to the global validity and distribution of GS1 standards, you can share them widely and seamlessly for both B2B and B2C purposes, for example with GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). 

By making your data available, you can support environmental and ethical claims, manage the chain of custody, recycle or reduce waste. Digitization and transparency throughout the product lifecycle are prerequisites for this. Sustainability in the supply chain and circular economy on a large scale is only possible if data is structured and shared through global and open standards. Creating and using a common language is the only way to reduce costs for the entire ecosystem and achieve the necessary level of efficiency, inclusion and data quality.

GS1 and ECR as enablers and development platforms.
GS1's global standards ensure reliable data and enable the digital transformation that is essential to sustainability and circular economy models. They create a common language that underlies systems, business processes, and communications between commerce and industry around the world, enabling interoperability between information systems as well as traceability and transparency. 

Meeting consumer needs in a sustainable way is the goal of ECR's business model, Efficient Consumer Response.  The concept combines strategic, process and technical aspects to eliminate inefficiencies along the value chain.

GS1 and ECR are ideal neutral platforms for cooperation. The exchange of experiences, the building of knowledge, the discussion of innovative approaches and the implementation of pilot projects within the framework of this collaboration contribute significantly to the introduction and performance of sustainability practices in supply chain management. 

Jonas Batt
Head of Industry Engagement Consumer Goods/Retail

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How to promote sustainability together with GS1 Switzerland