GS1 Key Range Service

Serialized GS1 (ID-) keys – the way to an integrated asset management and digitized solutions

Are you using GS1 (ID-)keys? Do you register the already assigned Global Individual Asset Identifiers (GIAI), Global Returnable Asset Identifiers (GRAI) or serialised Global Trade Item Numbers (sGTIN) in an Excel spreadsheet?

With the «GS1 Key Range Service” GS1 Switzerland can offer you a competitive “Software as a service” solution, which completely replaces existing Excel databases. The “GS1 Key Range Service” makes not only the management of complete key ranges easier, but also ensures that no GS1 (ID-) key can ever be assigned twice. Furthermore, you can also share access to the «GS1 Key Range Service” with you business partners.

With the “GS1 Key Range Service” you have access to numerous functionalities linked to your Global Company Prefixes (GCPs):

  • You can reserve key ranges.
  • Within these key ranges you can assing individual GS1-keys or key groups (for instance a production batch for a label or tag supplier).
  • Provide access to your label or tag suppliers. Your suppliers do not have to ask for a list of GS1 (ID-)keys to printed, but can download the relevant keys directly online.
  • Give access to an unlimited number of users of the “GS1 Key Range Service”, regardless whether within or outside your company.
  • Export all your generated GS1 (ID-) keys and number ranges at any time to an Excel file or import new keys via Excel.

The «GS1 Key Range Service” makes sure, that generated GS1 (ID-) keys are formed correctly, the right check digit is used and no generated key can ever be assigned again. This significantly facilitates the management of serialized GS1 (ID-) keys, reduces errors and prevents duplicates. The “GS1 Key Range Service” allows for the management of Global Individual Asset Identifiers (GIAI), Global Returnable Asset Identifiers (GRAI) as well as serialized Global Trade Item Numbers (sGTIN). In a subsidiary function also Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) as well as Global Location Numbers (GLN) can be managed.

We are more than happy to show you in a short online meeting how the «GS1 Key Range Service» works. Please contact any time our Solution Experts.

GS1 Standards

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Geringe Eingabefehler.

Recudes errors and complexity

Identifikation Standort

Perfectly suited for medium and large enterprises


Seamless integration of your label and tag suppliers


Unlimited number of users, internally and externally