Get started with Starterkit 10

You want to sell your products via marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, etc. Nothing could be easier. The Starter Kit 10 from GS1 Switzerland enables start-ups and private individuals to fulfil the required product identification for online and offline trade. And with the GTIN Registry, managing the article numbers is child's play.

Reliable product information is a must in today's networked trade. This includes the unique identification of products with the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

To support start-ups in entering the market, GS1 Switzerland has developed the product Starterkit 10. Companies with annual sales of up to CHF 500,000 can purchase a GTIN package with ten article numbers for CHF 50 per year.

In addition, they receive a Global Location Number (GLN), which uniquely identifies their company worldwide. If required, another package of ten can be ordered as long as annual sales do not exceed CHF 500,000.

The product master data can be entered via the GTIN Registry. Data fields such as article description, language, net quantity and gross weight, brand name, brand owner, product dimensions, and unit of measure are available for this purpose. An image can be uploaded for product visualisation.

The starter package is an alternative to classic membership and enables small businesses and private individuals to take the step into online business. If there is a need for a larger numbering capacity, membership in GS1 Switzerland is worthwhile. The number range obtained via Starter Kit 10 is integrated into the membership.

The following table provides a good overview of the possibilities to obtain GTINs. 

Your use at a glance


Attractive price


Perfect for beginners


Globally valid number range

GTIN Registry

Free administration via GTIN Registry

What possibilities do I have to obtain GTINs?



Starterkit 10

Single GTIN

Suitable for All companies For companies with a worldwide annual turnover of up to CHF 500'000

For all companies 


Single GTIN is not allowed to be used by healthcare companies to implement UDI


four number range sizes
up to 100
up to 1000
up to 10'000
up to 100'000



How can I reorder GTINs (EANs)? modallink


Are you already a customer and would like to reorder more GTINs?

With the online calculator you can easily find out whether it makes sense to reorder or upgrade. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Additional number ranges can be ordered
To the application
Additional starter kits can be ordered or upgraded to membership Additional GTINs can be ordered or upgraded to membership

Use of GS1 standards modallink


GS1 standards are the basis of all supply chains and increase efficiency in the flow of goods, information and values. As a common language worldwide, they ensure compatibility, transparency and create trust. More about GS1 Standards

all GS1 standards all GS1 standards only GTIN

Company entry in the global database GEPIR modallink


The GS1 Switzerland Yellow Pages provide reliable and accurate supplier, origin and product information. More about GEPIR

[check-orange] [check-orange] [check-orange]

GTIN Registry for simple number management modallink


With the GTIN Registry you can manage your product data quickly and easily, calculate the check digit and create the appropriate barcode. More about GTIN Registry

[check-orange] [check-orange] [check-orange]

Product entry in the global database GS1 Registry modallink


The GS1 Registry is a cloud-based database where brand owners can store up to seven attributes per product. This enables retailers and marketplaces to query this data and compare it with their own data master. More about GS1 Registry

[check-orange] [check-orange] [check-orange]

Create barcodes for your products free of charge modallink


With our free online barcode generator you can easily create an EAN barcode in just a few steps. To the barcode generator

[check-orange] [check-orange] [check-orange]

10 barcode verifications per year free of charge modallink


You want to be sure that your GS1 barcodes will be read. We check print quality, data structure, layout and dimensions for you. To the barcode check

[check-orange] CHF 100/Verifikation CHF 100/Verifikation

Free participation in a basic seminar
(in the year of joining) 


The seminar is the starting point into the GS1 world. It teaches participants the elements and systematics of the GS1 identification system as well as selected tools and GS1 products in an application-oriented manner. 

[check-orange] CHF 200/Tag CHF 200/Tag

Personal consultation modallink


Today, the GS1 system is used by over 1.3 million member companies in 145 countries. Only the correct application of the GS1 standards unlocks the full potential benefits. Our Professional Services will be happy to support you:

[check-orange] CHF 250/h CHF 250/h

GTIN-8 short numbers modallink


GTIN-8 requires membership with system use.

[check-orange] [cross-blue] [cross-blue]

GS1 network - The Magazine for Logistics & SCM modallink


Network with us and subscribe to our GS1 network magazine. Prefer to go online? No problem

[check-orange] [cross-blue] [cross-blue]

Unique Device Identification (UDI) modallink


Are you a manufacturer of medical devices (MD) and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and do you need to label your products in a UDI-compliant way? GS1 Switzerland is an official UDI allocation body. More about UDI

[check-orange] [check-orange] [cross-blue]

Solution Partner Programme modallink


Bringing together competence and projects - that is the primary goal of the GS1 Switzerland Solution Partner Programme. Our Solution Partners are characterised by their high level of competence for solutions relating to GS1 standards, processes and projects in practice. To the Solution Partner Programme

[check-orange] [cross-blue] [cross-blue]

Discount on GS1 Events modallink


At our events and company tours on various topics, you will receive professional input from experts, be able to exchange experiences, develop ideas and approaches, make contacts and discuss strategies. To the event overview

[check-orange] [cross-blue] [cross-blue]

Discount on GS1 educational offer modallink


The education division of GS1 Switzerland is characterised by its large network with many partners from the economy. With professionally proven and methodically experienced lecturers, we guarantee well-founded and market-oriented teaching. To the further training courses

[check-orange] [cross-blue] [cross-blue]

GS1 Publications  modallink


Factsheets, manuals, studies, recommendations for action and other publications on topics from the world of GS1 Switzerland. To the download area

[check-orange] [check-orange] [check-orange]

Costs per calendar year*
(Prices excl. VAT)

from CHF 250 Info modallink


The costs depend on the annual turnover of your company. 
Price overview

CHF 50/Starterkit 10




One-time fee
(Prices excl. VAT)

from CHF 250 Info modallink


The one-off amount for the GTIN depends on the selected number range size.
up to 100 GTINs cost a one-off amount of CHF 250
up to 1000 GTINs cost a one-time fee of CHF 500
up to 10'000 GTINs cost a one-time fee of CHF 2000
up to 100'000 GTINs cost CHF 12'000 one-off

-- --
Offer Membership GS1 Switzerland Starterkit 10 Single GTIN
  * Invoices are always issued on a calendar year basis at the beginning of the year. The first annual fee is due upon receipt of the admission confirmation. You pay costs per calendar year because you acquire a licence and thus the right to use your GTINs. * Invoices are issued for one year from the date of joining. * Invoices are issued for one year from the date of joining.