One system for all


You know it, the beep at the checkout. The GS1 barcode has sparked a digital revolution and forever changed the way the world does business. With a simple scan you can identify a product and link it to a computerised system. There is no need to enter the price at the checkout or manually record and pass on product information to the manufacturer or distributor.

Companies of all sizes use barcodes to correctly identify and efficiently sell their products in stores or online. The data thus automatically captured and exchanged helps to solve complex industrial challenges and can even save lives.

Richtige Information

Link the right product to the right information

Richtiger Ort

Take the right product to the right place at the right time

Richtiges Medikament

Deliver the right medicine to the right patient

Bridge building between physical and digital worlds improves patient safety and customer experience.

Physische und digitale Welt

Consumers, patients, business partners, and regulators are demanding more and better product data than ever before. However, complex and costly data exchange processes result in a flood of low-quality data. GS1 supports the digital transformation of industry by enabling companies to create a digital version of a product that is as good as the physical product. As a result, industry, retailers, consumers, and patients benefit from greater product transparency.


 Improve the availability of reliable product information


Simplify finding and buying a product; iImprove shopping and healthcare experiences


Increase trust in healthcare

GS1 standards enable more efficient and more secure business processes

Effiziente und sichere Geschäftsabläufe

The GS1 standards are the most widely used standards system in the world. The best-known elements are the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and the EAN/UPC barcode. They enable the exchange of reliable quality data and tell the story behind the products - where they come from, what they contain and where they have been on their journey through the supply chain. This prevents communication gaps between business partners and improves performance and safety throughout the supply chain.


GS1 standards accelerate operations


GS1 standards reduce cost and waste


GS1 standards protect consumers and patients

GS1 Switzerland brings industry representatives together to drive business forward


GS1 is a neutral, global platform that brings together industry representatives, regulators, academia, and associations to develop standards-based solutions to address the challenges of data exchange. GS1 Switzerland works with experts in numerous national and international committees to identify business needs for standards early on, feed them to those involved and develop solutions.

Our continuing education programme provides the necessary know-how for the future


The professional field of logistics and supply chain management in Switzerland is demanding and urgently needs well-trained professionals. Functions and responsibilities may differ depending on the business unit. Accordingly, a wide range of continuing education courses and federally recognized degrees is available.

GS1 Switzerland:
We are here for you with commitment and passion

GS1 Switzerland enables solutions for more efficient value networks with the help of global standards. We support companies in optimising their flows of goods, information and values and provide practical knowledge. Together with our members, we develop standards and process recommendations and create benefits for all parties involved.
GS1 Switzerland is a neutral entity based in Bern and part of the not-for-profit GS1 organisation, which is active in 140 countries.