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Category management for customer needs

Category management is a process-oriented and holistic concept for professional work with product groups with the aim of increasing the success of promotions and sales by better satisfying consumer needs. Category management views product groups as strategic business units. The method is one of the four elementary ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) concepts. 

Category management is the answer to branch expansion, centralisation and the increasing use of systems in retail. It is a method greatly based on numerical analyses that optimally aligns product ranges with customer needs and sales potential. The goal of retailers and manufacturers is to better satisfy customer needs and thereby increase sales, volume and profits.

Ideally, retailers and manufacturers work together collaboratively in category management. Both benefit from category management and can increase both their sales and market share. Category management is a structured process that is geared towards long-term cooperation and is ideally suited for day-to-day business.

The classic 8-step process serves as a guideline for the development, implementation and control of product groups. It is not only suitable for food and near-food markets, but can also be applied to all other product groups in the non-food or healthcare industry. Category management is also used in B2B commerce and in various service industries.

Competence Center Category Management

The aim of the GS1 Switzerland Category Management Competence Centre is to expand the range of category management services and thus strengthen the concept in Switzerland. In doing so, we draw upon GS1 standards and best practices, established methods such as the ECR process models and a comprehensive network of experts. The Competence Centre comprises the areas of training, consulting, innovation, and events. 

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