GS1 Switzerland advisory boards

The GS1 Switzerland advisory boards support the GS1 Switzerland office in strategic issues related to GS1 topics. They bring in the external view of the members and thus give impulses for initiatives and the positioning of the organisation.
The advisory boards are made up of company representatives and are convened for an unlimited period of time.

Our current advisory boards:

Advisory Board Consumer Goods/Retail

The GS1 Advisory Board, consisting of GS1 members, serves as a steering committee for the determination of the main topics. The focus is on GS1 standards, processes and projects and their development, dissemination and practical application in business processes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Managed by GS1 Switzerland
Jonas Batt
Head of Industry Engagement Consumer Goods/Retail


Coop Genossenschaft,Sporing Simone
Emmi Schweiz AG, Schuler Stephan
Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, Blüggel Reto
GS1 Switzerland, Batt Jonas
GS1 Switzerland, Kiser Bruno
GS1 Switzerland, Schneider Marc
Herbert Ospelt Anstalt, Siegenthaler Reto
Hero AG, Huber Nicole
Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Inderbitzin Marc
Nestlé Suisse SA, Shaw Antje
OTTO'S AG, Thomet Stefan
SPAR Management AG, Beernink Daniel
Unilever Schweiz GmbH, Fernando Priyange
Volg Konsumwaren AG, Abderhalden Ruedi
Volg Konsumwaren AG, Martins Mario
Wander AG, Jäggi Fredy

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Sounding Board Consumer Goods / Retail

Companies that are not part of the active group of the Consumer Goods / Retail Advisory Board but would like to receive a biannual update on the most important topics are represented here.


Ramseier Suisse AG, Boog René
L'Oréal Suisse SA, Gabris Vincent
Valora Schweiz AG, Gerometta Loris
Hug AG, Gisler Thomas
Planzer Transport AG, Meier Patrik
fenaco Genossenschaft, Niederberger Pius
Markant Syntrade Schweiz AG, Schwendener Pascal
Post CH AG, Zurfluh André

Healthcare Advisory Board

The GS1 Healthcare Advisory Board promotes the implementation of GS1 identification and communication standards in healthcare to increase patient safety and improve supply chain processes.

Managed by GS1 Switzerland
Anne van Berkel Meier
Head of Industry Engagement Healthcare


Alloga AG, Roy Siegenthaler
Etat de Genève, Nathalie Vernaz
Luzerner Kantonsspital, Dr. Katharina Bracher
Mathys (Schweiz) AG, Thomas Schärer
Pistor AG, Harald Schatzl
Post CH AG, Daniel Giger
Praxisklink Rennbahn AG, Rolf Hochuli
Experte GDP Pharmaindustrie, Sven Inäbnit
Teva Pharma AG, Marco Gähler
Teva Pharma AG, Franz von Heeren
Universitätsspital Basel, Kevin Zimmermann
Universitätsspital Zürich, Alexander Soland
Voigt AG, Markus Wicki

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Logistics Advisory Board

Due to complex global and national networking and corresponding interdependencies, supply and value creation networks are under economic pressure and are confronted with numerous challenges. The Logistics Advisory Board promotes and develops solutions and concepts for logistics and supports the securing of the personnel needed there. The following topics are dealt with in the advisory board: Urban Logistics, Fleet Management, Warehouse Management, Digitalisation, Single and Reusable Containers or Sustainable Logistics, which are intended to support the industry in overcoming the challenges.

Managed by GS1 Switzerland
Jan Eberle
Head of Industry Engagement Transport & Logistics


Camion Transport, Guido Widrig
Cargo 24, Robert Einstein
Competec, Julien Chevalley
Coop, Christoph Eigenmann 
DHL Fright, Michael Indlekofer
Emil Egger, Markus Egger
Emmi AG, Markus von Ballmoos 
Fiege, Marcel Boccali
Galliker, Philipp Galliker
Gebr. Weiss, Michael Trommer
Gilgen Logistics, Daniel Gilgen
GS1 Switzerland, Bruno Kiser
Krummen Kerzers, Peter Krummen
Linde, Rolf Huber
Logistikbasis der Armee, Thomas Gygax
Migros, Steffen Mengel
Mobilog AG, Beat Jaeggi
Planzer, Patrik Meier
Post Logistics, Remo Marbot
Schöni, Beat Zimmermann
Swissconnect, Christoph Masoner
Swisslog, Heinrich Lüthi
Lagerhäuser Aarau, Zafer Bakir Rhenus Logistics, Philipp Bittner,

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Advisory Board French-speaking Switzerland

The Advisory Board French-speaking Switzerland is part of the overall network of GS1 Switzerland. It promotes supply chain management in French-speaking Switzerland, maintains networks and acts as a link between GS1 Switzerland and users in French-speaking Switzerland. Part of the Advisory Board of Western Switzerland is responsible for the organisation of the GS1 Forum Suisse de Logistique. The committee for the forum is currently made up of the following people: Karine Doan, Sylvain Galé, Yannick Huguenin, Sébastien Jacquet, Thierry Kensicher, Tim Robel, Stéphane Stegmüller and Philippe Wieser.

Managed by GS1 Switzerland
Yannick Huguenin
Representative Western Switzerland


arounData consulting, Nadim Wardé
Breitling, José Lopez
Camion Transport SA, CTL Léman, Sylvain Galé
Coop Genossenschaft, Sébastien Jacquet
eeproperty SA, Alain Jouffrey
EGL Conseils SA, Philippe Wieser
Fondation pour les terrains industriels de Genève (FTI), Jacques Cottet
Galliker Transport AG, Peter Ballmer
GS1 Switzerland, Tim Robel
HEG - Haute école de gestion Arc, Karine Doan
Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Thierry Ernault
Labatec-Pharma SA, Muriel Xatard
Nestlé Nespresso SA, Daniel Costa
Nestlé Suisse SA, Bernard Quenis 
Société Coopérative Migros Genève, Thierry Kensicher
Solid Solutions en indentifications, Yves Alimi
STELOG SA, Stéphane Stegmüller
Swatch Group SA, Michaël Snijders

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