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GTIN registration made easy

Create and manage your GTINs and EAN-13 barcodes easily now with the GTIN Registry, the free offer for our members.

How it works

Frequently asked questions

What is a GTIN?

You need the GTIN, the "Global Trade Item Number", to create a barcode for the labelling of your products.

What is the GTIN Registry?

The GTIN Registry is an online tool. This tool allows you to create GS1 article numbers (GTINs) from the company prefix (GCP) and then download EAN-13 barcodes. In addition, you can enter product master data in structured form.

Who can use the GTIN Registry?

The GTIN Registry is a service for members of GS1 Switzerland who have licensed one or more company prefixes (GCP).

How do I get GTINs?

GTINs can be obtained by going to the ordering website: https://www.gs1.ch/en/barcodes-standards/barcodes

What are the benefits of using the GTIN Registry?

Thanks to the GTIN Registry:

  • you always know which GTIN you have used for which product
  • the next free GTIN is assigned directly to a new product
  • there's no need to calculate the check digit
  • you get the right barcode in the best quality and according to the requirements of the trade concerning valid and verified identification

Kann ich für meine MitarbeiterInnen einen Zugang einrichten?

he GTIN Registry is multi-user capable. This allows you to delegate GTIN management to your employees.

Make sure that your deputy has access to the GTIN Registry.

To do this, they must first create (register) an online account: To register.
Then let us know via the contact form for which persons (name, e-mail address) we may activate the access.

I have lost my password. What can I do?

Please use the "Forgotten password" function on www.gtinregistry.ch, which you will find directly under the login area. To do so, click on "Login" and on "Forgotten password" and follow the instructions step by step.