A common language

GS1 Switzerland is part of the GS1 organisation, which is present in 116 countries around the world. We are passionate about optimising the flow of goods, values and information to increase the capabilities of the economy and improve the quality of people's everyday lives. 

Together with dedicated representatives from trade, industry, healthcare and many other companies, we develop standardised solutions and actively support their implementation. We provide the necessary expertise in logistics, supply and demand management and actively promote networking and collaboration between all parties involved. 

Our goal is to ensure that all value networks use optimal, standardised flows of goods, values and information.

The keys to your success:


Neutral & not-for-profit


With the members for the members


Global & local


Integrative & collaborative

Our promise to you - a common language.

Nomen est omen. What we say it is on the outside is in fact on inside: GS1 standards are the common language of business, allowing us to communicate and understand each other, collaborate and make life safer, easier and more cost-effective for everyone around the world. More than two million members worldwide already use the GS1 standards.

We combine our strengths for you

GS1's idea to simplify the flows of goods, values and information with standards originated more than 50 years ago in the consumer goods industry. It is in this industry that GS1 has traditionally been most firmly anchored. This is also the case in Switzerland. For some time now, however, we have been applying the knowledge and the valuable experience we have gained in the consumer goods industry to other industries as well. 

Our work is focusing on four industries:

GS1 global

GS1 Switzerland is part of the global GS1 network based in Brussels and Princeton. GS1 Global is the umbrella organisation for national GS1 member organisations and coordinates global GS1 activities. Over 116 member organisations with more than 2,500 employees in more than 150 countries are part of GS1.