Creating value together

As the highest governing body, the Board of Directors sets the principles and guidelines for the work of GS1 Switzerland. It exercises overall direction, supervision and control over the management.

The board of directors is elected by the general meeting and is accountable to it. The board of directors is entitled to all powers that are not expressly assigned to another body. Its tasks and powers are defined by law and the Articles of Association.

As an executive body, it develops the strategy of the Association and implements it. For the defined strategic topics, the Board forms a Steering Committee, which sets the direction and ensures greater networking with circles relevant to the industry and the company.

The Board of Directors issues guidelines for business policy and obtains regular information on the course of business. It may form committees and delegate individual tasks to them. The committees are subject to the supervision of the Board of Management.

The Board of Directors shall maintain an office to carry out its duties. This office is responsible for the management of the business within the framework of the directives of the Board of Directors and the organizational regulations.

Robert Vogel
SwissLegal AG, Aarau

Board members

  • Jörg Ackermann, Coop, Basel
    Ines Furler, Supply Chain Expert, Sissach
  • Renate Gröger Frehner, University Hospital Zurich
  • Walter P. Hölzle, Refdata Foundation, Zug
  • Andreas Koch, Galexis AG, Niederbipp
  • Thomas Küchler, Swiss Southeastern Railway
  • Goepf Lanz, Nestlé Suisse SA, Vevey
  • Wolfgang Mähr, SPAR Handels AG, St. Gallen
  • Lorenzo Plumettaz, Manor AG, Basel
  • Markus von Ballmoos, Emmi Switzerland Ltd, Bolligen
  • Christoph Weiss, LRG Logistics SA, Plan-les-Ouates
  • Aurelius Wespi, Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Zurich
  • Matthias Wolf, Kühne & Nagel (Switzerland) AG, Glattbrugg
  • Philipp Zgraggen, Volg Konsumwaren AG, Winterthur
Vice President
Stefan Regli
Post CH AG, Bern

Steering Committee

  • Robert Vogel, SwissLegal AG, Aarau
  • Stefan Regli, Post CH AG, Berne
  • Andreas Koch, Galexis AG, Niederbipp
  • Markus von Ballmoos, Emmi Schweiz AG, Bolligen