Transparency for online marketplaces

Online marketplaces still offer products without or with an incorrect Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and/or incomplete product information. This causes confusion and annoyance for sellers and buyers as well as for marketplace operators. The GS1 standards ensure transparency and clarity for all parties involved. 

On Google Shopping, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, there is no way around the GTIN for sellers. However, only with a GTIN from GS1 is a product actually clearly identified, which prevents unnecessary confusion or the listing of counterfeits. Almost as important for successful business on online marketplaces is product data, and accurate, complete and correct product data at that. Not only do they ensure that the buyer gets as accurate a picture of the product as possible, they also ensure a better ranking in search engines and online marketplaces.

Be ready to sell your products

Since buyers on online marketplaces cannot hold, feel, smell, try on or colour-match the products on the "digital shelf", accurate, complete and correct product data is crucial for a successful sale. And not only that: if the product meets the customer's expectations, this increases satisfaction and the chance that this customer will buy products from you again on the online marketplace. In addition, this prevents unnecessary returns, ensures more efficient processing of the sale and better placement in search engines and online marketplaces.

Identify your products with a GTIN from GS1 Switzerland, minimise misuse of your product number by illegal GTIN sellers and prevent confusion of your product with counterfeits. You can easily manage your GTIN online in the GTIN Registry and exchange it worldwide via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). 

Gregor Mueller
Industry Engagement Manager Consumer Goods/Retail

Your benefits at a glance


Increase sales


Better visibility of the products

Vertrauenswürdige Produkte

Trusted products

Steigerung Gewinn

Increase profit


Customer satisfaction

Ensure a clean assortment for your marketplace

As an operator of an online marketplace, you should ensure that there are no fake items, duplicate entries or products with insufficient product data in your assortment. This is the only way to ensure a good image and high conversion on your marketplace. 

GS1, with organisations in over 140 countries, is the only authorised issuer of GTINs. If a product has a GTIN from GS1, you can be sure that it is the original and that the product data stored is correct. Thanks to the GTIN, you can structure your offer in a user-friendly way for your users and make your processes more efficient, which in turn has a direct impact on costs and profits.

In future, you will be able to verify the authenticity of the GTIN with the global service Verified by GS1.