The GS1 standards form the Global Language of Business for efficient and secure business processes.

With our standards and process models, we support companies in optimising their flows of goods, information and value. They strengthen business performance and ensure a holistic and personalised customer experience.

The GS1 system architecture comprises Identify, Capture and Share. It identifies objects in the supply chain throughout the lifecycle, provides physical tagging and enables the exchange of master, transaction and event data.


More than 2 million customers in over 150 countries worldwide use GS1 standards.

The EAN barcode is scanned over 10 billion times a day.

In Switzerland, over 8600 companies use the GS1 standards.

The GS1 standards form the basis for digitalisation.

For the implementation of the GS1 Standards, we provide a broad portfolio of helpful services and custom-fit products.

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