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GS1 Standards for sound carriers

Music varies, and so do the identifiers for the different products. If you want identifiers for sound media such as music CDs or individual tracks we have the right solution for you: the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

The 13 digits of a GTIN enable you to uniquely identify music CDs in line with the requirements of high street and online retail. The GTIN can be represented with our EAN-13 barcode. If you only need one GTIN, or just a few of them, you can obtain them here: www.gtin.ch. You do not need to become a member of GS1 Switzerland. If you need a large number of GTINs membership is an advantage, because it's financially worth it and it opens the door to other GS1 services for you (e.g. consultancy and training).

You can easily find out which option is more cost-effective for you by using the table on our "I need a barcode" page.

Please note: if you want identifiers for sheet music, for example scores, you need an ISMN (International Standard Music Number). You don't get them from us: you get them from the ISMN Agency. However, the numbers can be represented with an EAN-13 barcode.