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For new entrepreneurs & start-ups

You want to sell your products via marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. or in retail? Nothing could be easier. With the Starter Kit 10 you can easily fulfil the required product identification. The process is quick and easy. GS1 Switzerland is the national issuing body of official GTIN/EAN and part of the worldwide GS1 organisation.

Whether it's a hand-forged stainless steel knife, beer pourer set, eco cooler or homemade jam. For sales via online shops or via stationary trade, you must mark your products with a GTIN/EAN. Attention: Without a licensed GTIN/EAN, the products will not be listed with the online retailer or in the stationary trade.

With the Smartkit 10 you receive ten GTIN/EAN for the clear and overlap-free labelling of your products. You also receive a Global Location Number (GLN for short), which uniquely identifies your company in worldwide business transactions.

Starter Kit 10 is the exclusive offer for newcomers and very small businesses. Companies with an annual turnover of up to CHF 500,000 can purchase the GTIN package with ten item numbers. The Starter Kit 10 costs CHF 50. If necessary, another package of ten can be ordered as long as the annual turnover does not exceed CHF 500,000.

The GTIN is managed via the free GTIN Registry. To do this, you register on the platform gtinregistry.gs1.ch. The web-based platform combines GTIN administration and check digit calculation and also generates the corresponding barcode in the desired size and resolution.

The product master data can be entered via the GTIN Registry. Data fields such as article description, language, net quantity and gross weight, brand name, brand owner, product dimensions and unit of measurement are available for this purpose. A picture can be uploaded for product visualisation.

Simply fill out the online form. You will receive your 10 GTIN/EAN within 24 hours and can get started.

Good to know:

Korrekte Daten

Without risk for you
GS1 Switzerland is the official provider of GTIN and GLN.


Original EAN/GTIN
With us you get the original EAN/GTIN. No risk of item blocking on online marketplaces due to illegal GTIN/EAN.


The barcode comes with it
In the GTIN Manager, you create the matching barcode right away.


Manage product data easily
With the GTIN Manager you can manage your product data quickly and easily.


Security for all business partners
The entry in the global GS1 database "Verified by GS1" proves the authenticity of your GLN and GTIN.