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Hanspeter Stöcklin

Senior Managing Consultant
GS1 Consulting

T +41 58 800 70 35
F +41 58 800 73 99

Supply chain management

Supply chain management (SCM) means the professional management of all processes along the supply chain – from the sub-supplier, through production and retail to the consumer, and finally to recycling. Goods, information and value flows are all part of SCM. Depending on the situation, it may also be worth considering energy needs separately.

To implement SCM for all parties involved as consistently as possible, but effectively and at low cost, we try to standardise as many processes, interfaces, formats and solutions as possible. We align ourselves with the GS1 and ECR standards and current process standards.

To set up an effective and efficient supply chain it is absolutely essential that the players all have a common understanding, both internally and across company boundaries. It is also important to take company-level interests into account.

Cross-company objectives

  • Efficient, resource-saving, cost-effective processes based on standards
  • Automated information flows
  • Needs-based planning and supply
  • Optimum availability, reliability of supply
  • Trackability and traceability
  • Transparency and risk mitigation
  • Optimum maintenance

Our basic principles

  • GS1 standards
  • ECR process models
  • Supply chain management best practice

Added value for you with GS1

  • Safe investment
  • Based on standards and best practices
  • Expert network

GS1 is the ideal cross-sector enabler for an open supply chain crossing company boundaries, and has been expanding its global reach and local presence for decades. We always ensure that enhancements to our standardisation system have no impact on existing applications. This makes it a safe investment. GS1 promotes efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in modern supply chains.