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Jan Eberle

Head of Industry Engagement
Transport & Logistics

T +41 58 800 72 97



Heinz Graf

Senior Standards Expert
GS1 System

T +41 58 800 72 29
F +41 58 800 72 99

GS1 standards for a logistical world

Logistics has many facets: shipments from China, same day delivery in Switzerland or internal production logistics. GS1 Switzerland is concerned with standards, tools and methods for safe, efficient, customer-oriented logistics processes.

Logistics – it covers transport, handling and storage of goods. So logistics is not only planning, control, optimisation and execution of deliveries: it is also picking and packing goods and putting them into storage. In practice there are distinct areas of logistics, for example, procurement, production, distribution and disposal logistics. 

Quality is measured in logistics by the "seven 'R's": it should be (1) the right product (2) in the right condition (3) at the right time (4) in the right place (5) in the right quantity (6) with the right information and (7) at the right cost. Ideally, this would work round the clock 365 days a year. Digitalisation and the boom in online retail would not be possible without efficient transport of goods and the associated data exchange. Same day delivery and hour-long delivery slots are masterpieces of logistics and proof of a perfectly controlled supply chain.

The GS1 standards are the basis for global, transparent, efficient supply chains. They make the worldwide automated data exchange associated with shipments possible. The GS1 standards guarantee smooth-running logistics in all its applications. They also support business optimisation. The right product is in the right place at the right time. The result: satisfied customers, smooth production processes and sustainable efficiency.

GS1 provides a whole set of standards and process recommendations for effective, efficient support of logistics processes.

Objectives of logistics

  • Efficient, resource-saving, cost-effective processes based on standards
  • Optimum utilisation
  • Automated information flows
  • Optimum availability, reliability of supply
  • Optimum maintenance

Our basic principles

  • GS1 standards
  • ECR process models
  • Logistics recommendations
  • Best practice

Added value for you with GS1 Switzerland

  • Sector-oriented and cross-sector approach
  • Based on standards and best practices
  • Expert network