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Jonas Batt

Head of Industry Engagement
Consumer Goods / Retail

T +41 58 800 70 44
F +41 58 800 73 99

Foodservice: Standards for the restaurant and catering industry

Every day millions of fresh food items, like fruit, vegetables, meat and drinks, are traded and find their way from farms and factories on to supermarket shelves and into the commercial kitchens of the restaurant industry. Efficiency, freshness and safety are top priority. GS1 provides the standards needed in this vital sector.

The food industry permanently faces a huge challenge: to provide goods that are fully labelled and always fresh, and at competitive prices everywhere. With increasing price pressure, the right quality and quantity must be available to the restaurant industry at all times. At the same time regulations are becoming stricter, and you have to consider the information needs of critical, digitally literate consumers.

Consumer confidence plays a major role. While consumers' confidence has been undermined by scandals in the past, now they increasingly expect information and transparency. In future guests will have to be able to tell what is in a dish and where the meat on the plate comes from, even before they order. This is achievable with new, innovative solutions coupled with GS1 standards. The names of these solutions are trustbox and fTRACE.

All the data in the trustbox

With trustbox GS1 Switzerland has provided a solution that satisfies the new Swiss food law of 1st May 2017. The data pool enables companies to produce all the mandatory declarations for pre-packaged foodstuffs. This means food producers, food retailers and restaurants can provide, and also obtain, nutritional values, ingredients, allergens and product images. trustbox ensures that the information is complete and up to date and comes from authorised sources.

In future accurate, up-to-date product information on mobile devices and websites will help modern omnichannel customers find all the information they need and make informed buying decisions. Retailers and producers use the information to optimise their entire value chains.

fTRACE knows where the meat is from

Complete batch-level traceability of foodstuffs and production and processing conditions is important for producers, processors and sales to ensure their operations are legal and customer focussed. The fTRACE platform is a central store for information on product source, processing and quality. fTRACE is based on the global GS1 standard, EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services), which allows real time information exchange in the supply chain.

When a product is harvested, processed or shipped the event, along with its minimum information (what, when, where and why), goes into the fTRACE database in the cloud. This is achieved by intelligently linking the existing GS1 identifiers like GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and GLN (Global Location Number) and the batch number with GS1 symbologies like GS1 DataBar or GS1-128.

Both solutions enable digital documentation of the supply chain. This optimises processes, creates the necessary transparency, fulfils legal requirements and significantly improves customer satisfaction.