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Starterkit 10 – the ideal package for those starting out in retail

Starterkit 10 is the ideal product for start-ups and individuals who want to sell their products in online and offline retail. You receive 10 GTINs (global trade item numbers) with a Swiss country prefix at an attractive price. Use the GTINs to generate barcodes for accurate labelling of your products.

Starter Kit 10 also provides you with a GLN (global location number), which you can use to identify your company in global business transactions. You can easily manage your numbers (incl. generating barcodes) in the GTIN Registry, a free online platform. Depending on the growth of your company, GS1 Switzerland membership may be worthwhile. The range of numbers already purchased as part of Starterkit 10 will then be integrated into your company’s membership.

Your options:

Starter Kit 10 Single GTIN1 Membership
Ideal for

Startup companies and private individuals with a focus on online trade

Companies and public bodies with only a few articles in relation to turnover

All companies

Annual costs CHF 50.-- per package of 10
CHF 65.-- per GTIN
From CHF 250.00 (GCP 10, range of numbers starting with 100)
No. of GTINs required max. 10 GTINs From 1 GTIN From 10 GTINs
Annual sales Up to CHF 500 thousand Regardless of turnover Sales-dependent
Additional GS1 keys
No Yes
Membership No No Yes
GS1 Switzerland services No No Yes
Platform for managing GTINs
 Offer Starterkit 10 Single GTIN
GS1 Switzerland membership

1)Single GTIN may not be used by healthcare companies to implement UDI