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Check digit calculator & EAN-13 barcode generator

You can either calculate single check digits or several at once. Please make a note of the check digits and save the file containing the generated check digits. GS1 Switzerland does not store the check digits you calculate! The check digit calculator only calculates check digits. It does not check whether you have set up the identification number correctly. Please get in touch if you are unsure of anything. GS1 Switzerland does not accept any responsibility for the check digits. Each user of the GS1 system is personally responsible for calculating the check digits.

Calculate single check digits

(in order to calculate multiple check digits click here)

Enter   7 digits to get a GTIN-8
Enter 11 digits to get a GTIN-12
Enter 12 digits to get a GTIN-13 or a GLN
Enter 13 digits to get a GTIN-14
Enter 17 digits to get a SSCC


EAN-13 barcode generator

WARNING: The generator corrects incorrect check digits automatically !


Calculate multiple check digits


The GS1 core number (GCP, Global Company Prefix) forms the basis for the GS1 identification key. This includes for example the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for products, the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for logistics units and the GLN (Global Location Number) for locations. These enable unique global identification.

You can only receive GS1 core numbers in Switzerland if you are a member of GS1 Switzerland. You can find your GS1 core number in your confirmation letter or using GEPIR. You will find information on how to set up GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) correctly on “Four steps to the GS1 system”

GCP must be 7-10 digits and GLN 11 digits long


Please select the indicator from: Please select the extension number from:

The indicator '9 'is defined for the identification of Variable units and may not be used for Fixed Measure Trade Items.

This value can be freely selected and is today an expansion of the capacity-building SSCCs. GS1 Switzerland recommends using the value '3 '.

The maximum value could not be smaller than the minimum value.