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T +41 58 800 70 00

Application to use GS1 Switzerland’s trustbox®


Once you have fully completed the application form we will email you the application for you to sign. Please sign it and return it to us.

It can then take up to three days to process the signed application.

We thank you for your understanding and are happy to answer any questions you may have.




Tel: 058 800 72 00

Company information


Contact details


Services required (you can select more than one)


Data delivery: “Delivery Complete”

You transmit your product information (master data) directly to GS1 Switzerland’s trustbox service electronically and in accordance with legal provisions via our online platform or via an interface.

Data delivery: “Delivery GDSN”

If you already work with a GDSN data pool (GIoLIB, Equadis, 1WorldSync, etc.), you can send your data directly to trustbox. To do this, parametrise the Swiss target market and the GLN recipient of trustbox (GLN: 7612345002330) in the GDSN.

“Delivery GDSN” data suppliers receive a 50% discount on the trustbox annual fees.

Regardless of whether you are a “Delivery complete” or a “Delivery GDSN” data supplier, any user can access your data via the “trustbox swiss” mobile app or the online platform The data is available to any company with a trustbox contract to download. Whether they are retail companies, restaurants or app developers, all your business partners stand to benefit.

Our integrated “Data Quality Checker” tool allows you to review the quality of any master data that has already been published. You will receive reports on the data you have published, enabling you to correct any errors in your system.

Data retrieval: “Receive Complete”

Data users 1 (e.g. retailers, wholesalers or online sellers) can retrieve product information from trustbox and use it themselves and/or make it available to an (end) customer. Data users 1 must not forward data retrieved from trustbox to third parties for commercial use.

Data retrieval: “Receive Data Service”

Data users 2 (e.g. Internet application providers or statistical data services) may use product information from trustbox for value-added services of a commercial or analytical nature that are not directly related to trading the products. Data users 2 must not forward data retrieved from trustbox to third parties for commercial use.

Do you have more than five products you want to publish on trustbox®?*
Data capture method*

Manual data capture in the trustbox online application

Manual capture of product information in the trustbox online application

Automated data exchange

Data providers and/or users share product information as XML or JSON files using the communication channels provided by GS1 Switzerland.

If you require automated data exchange, once you have sent your application you will receive a form to specify the details of the interface.


Declaration of turnover for the purposes of using trustbox®

Usage costs

One-off costs

One-off joining feeCHF 75.00
One-off joining fee for automated data exchange (upload and download) of trustbox XML or JSON files using the communications channels provided by GS1 Switzerland. (Also applies to “Delivery GDSN”).CHF 500.00

Annual costs

If the contract begins during the year, a reduction of 25% on the usage fee in the first year is granted for each quarter that has elapsed.

 trustbox Costs



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Non-food consumer goods
Capital goods
Associations, clubs, utilities
Schools and education
Media and culture

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