GS1 Switzerland expands its solution portfolio with a product data exchange platform.

The new data exchange platform offers all participants the opportunity to exchange trusted product master data. Through various channels, data senders will provide data receivers with up-to-date, complete and correct master data from the source.

The electronic exchange of data is becoming increasingly important in supply chain management. The globally active organization GS1 supports this need through globally standardized document formats and process recommendations, which are available to all players in the market. GS1 Switzerland attaches great importance to the exchange of trustworthy data. To this end, GS1 Switzerland already offers trustbox, a solution that integrates GS1 standards into user-friendly applications and provides verified data from a single source. 

As part of its 2022+ strategy, GS1 Switzerland is pursuing the goal of offering all market participants a platform on which product master data can be provided and exchanged. With the experienced technology partner Bayard from Cologne, GS1 Switzerland has started the implementation and will implement the GS1 Switzerland data exchange platform "firstbase" based on the "byrd" platform in the coming months. In the first step, trustbox will move to the new platform, followed by the industry solutions for the healthcare sector, the consumer goods industry and later for other industries. 

All GS1 Switzerland members, whether small or large companies, will thus have access to electronic master data exchange in Switzerland and worldwide via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). Suppliers can merge, maintain and validate master data for their products with images and other media assets on the modern and intuitive platform via a web UI or direct connection. The product content is aggregated and consolidated on the platform and provided to the business partners from one source in a quality-assured manner for their purchasing, logistics and sales processes. Suppliers and recipients worldwide are connected via the GDSN and other interfaces. In this way, manufacturers of medical devices can also fulfill the requirements of the database for the central administration of medical devices EUDAMED operated by the European Commission and the EU member states and other official registers via the GS1 Switzerland platform. With this step, GS1 Switzerland is convinced to offer its members sustainable benefits in the digitalization of processes around the supply chain.

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