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Classification as a prerequisite 

GPC stands for Global Product Classification and enables the worldwide classification of products. The classification system is a prerequisite for the exchange of master data via GDSN, trustbox and for the GTIN Registry.

The GPC classification standard supports you in developing product range analyses as well as sales statistics and is an important component in category management, because products are easier to find via the GPC.

The GPC hierarchy has four levels and consists of segment, family, class, and building block. The building block is the core of the GPC and describes a category of similar products, e.g. milk. This is also the difference compared to the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), which identifies exactly one product. A building block, on the other hand, can include several different products, i.e. several GTINs.


Example of a jar of jam

GPC - GS1 Konfitüre
Segment  Food / Beverages / Tobacco Products
Family processed / processed food
Class sweet spreads
Building Block (brick)  Jams / Jellies / Preserves
Brick Code 10000217


  1. In most cases, a single brick code applies to all products in the range.
  2. Use the online help -> GPC Browser 

Your benefit at a glance


Worldwide uniform product grouping

Category Management

Common language for category management


Key role in master data exchange

GTIN Registry

Use in GDSN, trustbox and GTIN Registry