Transparent processes with EPCIS

EPCIS is a standard for the exchange of business events - i.e. what happens when, where and why?

With EPCIS, business partners can record and communicate events along their value chain. Example: When was a delivery recorded at which location - and what exactly happened to the goods there? Answers are provided by EPCIS, an open standard for tracking any object such as products or shipments along the supply chain.

At certain points in the value chain, any devices (for example RFID or barcode readers) record GS1 identification keys. The system links the captured data with the current local time and locations (for example, distribution centre area food, ramp 4, non-refrigerated goods) and the current status (example "ready for sale") as well as the business process (example "goods issue"). This creates a coherent series of read events that make effective tracking & tracing possible at any time. Furthermore, retrospective analyses provide information about optimisation possibilities.

Provided appropriate access rights are granted, EPCIS can be used not only within the company to track shipments or optimise business processes.

EPCIS enables traceability in cross-company supply chains.