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Additional data with GS1 Application Identifiers

With the GS1 Application Identifiers, a wide range of information can be mapped in a GS1 barcode.  In addition to the unique Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), the batch number or the best-before date can also be mapped.

The GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) is a two- to four-digit number that precisely defines the meaning and function of the subsequent data field. The Application identifiers enable the recipient to correctly interpret all read data. 

Advantages of the GS1 Application Identifiers worldwide unique definition of data fields unique assignment of the data elements of a data string of a scanner.

Each data identifier is assigned a unique format. There are data identifiers with fixed length and others with variable length.  Variable-length identifiers must be delimited with a special control character. This is the only way the software can determine the end of a application identifier and thus the beginning of the following data identifier. Application identifiers are used in the GS1-128 Barcode, GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataMatrix, and GS1 QR Code. 

An overview of all GS1 Application Identifiers can be found here.


Advantages of GS1 Application Identifiers


Globally unique definition of data fields

Eindeutige Zuordnung

Unique mapping of the data elements of a scanner's data string