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Jan Eberle

Head of Industry Engagement
Transport & Logistics

T +41 58 800 72 97

Standards for transport and logistics

GS1 has a wide range of products and services for the transport and logistics sector that make all supply-chain processes transparent while optimising them for the long term.

The GS1 Switzerland portfolio equips companies in the transport and logistics sector with everything they need to manage and optimise logistical processes, such as identification keys, standardised data carriers and communications standards. The GS1 identification standards and data carriers let customers uniquely identify shipments, parcels, products, services, locations and companies around the world and across company boundaries.

In addition to the flow of goods, the established GS1 communications standards allow companies to share data electronically. This means they can transmit orders, amended orders, shipment notes and invoices with all the relevant information in no time at all.

The GS1 system tracks flows of shipments in the transport and logistics sector. It creates transparency between companies and allows all processes to be streamlined efficiently. GS1 standards make stock management easier, improve goods distribution and enable seamless digitalisation of all processes.

Logistics is one of the key pillars of the economy in Switzerland, a country rich in wealthy consumers and retail sites as well as numerous transport hubs and European transit routes. The Swiss logistics market is worth more than CHF 39 billion, over six per cent of gross domestic product. The country is expected to see a sharp rise in the volume of freight traffic in the coming years. Long-term optimisation of logistics processes between and within companies for the long term is a key success factor.