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Anne van Berkel Meier

Head of Industry Engagement  

T +41 58 800 72 87 
F +41 58 800 73 99



The Swiss healthcare system works well overall. Among its strengths are guaranteed access to healthcare and high quality of care. However, there are also weaknesses in the system. It has limited transparency and many processes are inconsistent, including the data and information exchange involved. GS1 Switzerland will assist you with process optimisation in healthcare. 

Standards can deliver significant benefits in healthcare. Global GS1 standards support many digital processes in supply chain management, guarantee improved safety, provide transparency and traceability and increase patient safety.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Process optimisation
    • Process description and recommendation for electronic data interchange

  • GS1 standards in healthcare
    • Use of GS1 identification keys and data carriers
    • Use of GS1 identifiers for legal entities and places

  • Traceability of medical devices (UDI)

We are involved in national and international working groups to highlight the significance of global standards and the GS1 recommendations for the sector, and to implement them. We are also paving the way for innovations and we facilitate them.