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Jonas Batt

Head of Industry Engagement
Consumer Goods / Retail

T +41 58 800 70 44
F +41 58 800 73 99

Consumer goods – suppliers, manufacturers, retail, service providers

GS1 standards were originally developed for manufacturers and retailers in the consumer goods and groceries sectors to optimise distribution of goods. Although many different sectors have now implemented the standards, the consumer goods area remains the largest user group and still uses them most.

An integrated view of the goods and services value chain makes it easier to set up and manage integrated processes, from purchasing raw materials to processing and finishing and right through to the end consumer. To remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets companies have to actively design and optimise all the processes along the value chain.

The value chains, and increasingly the value networks, in the consumer goods sector are complex. They include suppliers, different types of service providers and manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and specialist dealers. The downstream processes, such as recovery and recycling, are also significant for an integrated view of a value chain.

Across the whole network the priorities are the same:

  1. Good, attractive products and ranges
  2. Quality and product and process safety
  3. High availability
  4. Effective, efficient, low-cost processes
  5. Minimum waste of resources
  6. Automated data
  7. Counterfeit protection

The global GS1 and ECR network of 1.8 million companies develops standards, process models and solutions which are disseminated through the national GS1 organisations. The main focus is retail, which includes all those involved in the consumer goods value network.

This network is also extremely important to GS1 Switzerland. About two thirds of the 5,500 members of GS1 Switzerland are in the consumer goods sector, so GS1 Switzerland concentrates on this network. GS1 provides specialist forums, publishes recommendations and studies, runs working groups and offers professional advice and training.

  • GS1 standards and recommendations
  • Logistics standards and recommendations
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer journey and category management

Our processes and standards are also extremely useful for companies operating in digital markets and for marketplaces. The largest market players, such as Amazon and Alibaba, use our standards and products consistently. The driving force is the high degree of automation in process control and the existential importance of globally unique identification and accurate (master) data.

Forward-looking, successful retail and consumer goods companies rely on our products, solutions and services.