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Event Team

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About GS1 Events

With around 25 events per year such as specialist forums and company visits on a variety of topics, GS1 Switzerland gives you the opportunity to share experiences, develop ideas and approaches, establish contact and discuss strategies.

Logistics, supply chain management (SCM), electronic data interchange (EDI), e-commerce, identification, intralogistics, etc.
  • Practical relevance
  • Being up-to-date
  • National coverage
  • Top-class speakers from research and practice
  • Excellent networking platform

Specialist forums

The objective with specialist forums is to exchange experience and best practice approaches and to deal in depth with new solutions in a specific area of expertise. True to the motto ‘Experts for experts’, they address cadres of users, suppliers and facilitators from the relevant fields.

Focus Days

On a focus day, the participants are given a greater understanding of logistics topics (e.g. RFID, materials handling, commissioning, category management) through a mixture of theory and practice. The topic is discussed live on site at a company. Experienced speakers explain the background information on the topic and the practical business challenges and solutions. A company tour then takes place to show how it has been implemented.

On-site experience events

Unlike events in conference rooms, most small events held at companies enable an authentic and practical approach. The objective is to assess systems, production facilities and applications on site. The target groups vary from managers to administrators.

External Events

In addition to its own events, GS1 Switzerland also attends third-party events as a partner or speaker to communicate our message beyond its own functions. Please contact us to request a speaker; we look forward to hearing from you!