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GS1 Schweiz
Monbijoustrasse 68
3007 Bern

T +41 58 800 70 00
F +41 58 800 70 99

Vision and Mission

We put great passion into optimising goods, value and information flows which increase efficiency and improve people’s everyday quality of life. We work towards our mission by bringing together stakeholders, sharing expertise and actively promoting cooperation between all those involved.

                                   Vision & Mission


All value networks use optimum, standardised goods, value and information flows.


We lay the foundations for cooperation and digitalisation by:

  • bringing together stakeholders, promoting cooperation and sharing knowledge
  • developing standardised solutions and actively supporting their application
  • enjoying acceptance from all stakeholders as a neutral not-for-profit organisation
  • creating value with many where individuals are not able to thanks to our neutrality and networking 


Our vision and mission focus on the following branches:


What makes us strong: we have a practical, integrated and future-oriented approach.