Calculate CO2 emissions per shipment in a standardised way  

CO2 calculation in logistics 

GS1 Switzerland and the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association ASTAG continue to advocate with great conviction for an environmentally and climate-friendly design of transport and logistics.

With the project and the founding of the "Fair Carbon Player" working group, the starting signal has been given to develop a standardised and central basis for CO2 calculation and for operational use together with the members. By the end of 2022, the industry should already have a solution with which the CO2 emissions of a shipment can be calculated and reported in a standardised manner. 

The key to success is innovation, voluntarism and industry-wide standards. In order to make the footprint of different service providers comparable for the customer, the calculation of CO2 emissions must be standardised.

Jan Eberle
Head of Industry Engagement Transport & Logistics