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Section 1

Future Value Chain Reports

The Consumer Goods Forum defines Emerging Trends as those changes gaining a greater long-term prominence, set to continue over the next five to twenty years, and those that concern major issues with a significant impact on, and relevance for, the consumer goods industry.

This long-term perspective gives CGF members the chance to respond in good time to these emerging consumer goods trends, shaping the industry for the benefit of consumers. This entails careful consideration of the key social, regulatory and technical factors, in addition to other issues, such as standards and talent development, which are becoming increasingly relevant to the emergence of specific consumer trends within the consumer goods industry.

Section 2
Rethinking the Value Chain

Rethinking the Value Chain

Consumer behaviour has changed forever. The path to purchase is no longer linear and could involve social media, an app, web-based research, an in-store visit and an online purchase, in any order. Consumers now have the power and the means to share their concerns and opinions with a larger audience than ever, through a growing array of social and digital channels. In this era of the empowered consumer, how do we evolve our business models to deliver on consumers' expectations?

At the same time the internet has accelerated innovative competition. Established technology firms and an army of internet start-ups are moving rapidly into consumer markets and do not follow established go-to-market patterns. Emerging markets are incubating new retail and manufacturing business models, based on digital technologies. Can we re-engineer our business models rapidly and efficiently enough to rise to these growing challenges?     

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Section 3

2022 Future value chain - Industry iniatives address challenges

2022 Future Value Chain: Industry Initiatives Address Challenges of the Digital World and the Fight for Resources

With so many critical issues and challenges facing the consumer goods and retail industry, how do we identify those that matter most? Those that will have the greatest impact on companies going forward? Those that can best be addressed by collective action from manufacturers and retailers in our industry?

This report — which is the latest in the “Future Value Chain” series — takes a close-up look at these megatrends and their implications for the industry, and presents the initiatives and their associated action plans. We invite you to join these initiatives to help ensure a strong “Future Value Chain” that can more efficiently and effectively serve consumers and shoppers around the world.

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Section 4

2020 Future Value Chain: Building strategies for the new decade

What do you want to achieve in 2020? Are you focused on making your business more sustainable, optimizing a new shared supply chain, engaging with technology-enabled consumers or helping consumers improve their health and wellbeing? Do you expect to achieve all this by yourself, or will you look for collaboration?

This new report provides the industry and companies with the framework – in the form of trends, objectives and tactics – to build strategies and action plans for 2020. And the time to act is now.


Section 5

2018 Future Value Chain: Succeeding in a volatile market

With the global financial markets in turmoil, the credit crisis impacting companies and consumers alike, and growing concern about environmental issues, the mood of the market is far less optimistic than it was two years ago, when GCI published the predecessor to this report, 2016: The Future Value Chain.

But today’s pressures do not have to prevent our industry from thriving. By working together with strong collaborative efforts, the industry can counter these downward trends and continue to meet the changing needs of our consumers around the world. Together, we have the opportunity to choose our future!


Section 6

2016 The future Value Chain

Why should we worry about the future when we already have too much to keep us busy today?

There are many reasons:

  • Globalisation is having a huge impact on how consumers shop and buy – and how the industry meets their needs.

  • Technology is moving at a pace we have never seen before.

  • Energy costs are volatile and supplies are dwindling.

  • Demographics are shifting as the population ages and migration impacts more of the world’s economies.

  • Consumer awareness of sustainability and social responsibility is increasing.

  • Diversification of channels, including the Internet, is redrawing the industry landscape.

This report is in no way prescriptive or exhaustive. The report is intended to encourage debate and dialogue on the forces and trends that will shape the future.


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