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Section 1

Filme zum Einsatz des GS1 System im Gesundheitswesen

Nachfolgend stellen wir Ihnen kurze Filme rund um den Einsatz von GS1 Standards im Gesundheitswesen vor.

Diese Videos entstammen unterschiedlichen GS1 Länderorganisationen. Wir danken GS1 France, GS1 Netherlands, GS1 Sweden und GS1 US für die Bereitstellung.

Section 2

GS1 Frankreich & Rückverfolgbarkeit im Spital in Dijon

Die Universitätsklinik CHU Dijon in Frankreich hat vor kurzem eine Rückverfolgbarkeitsplattform eingerichtet - basierend auf GS1 Standards. Das Projekt wurde von GS1 France unterstützt.

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Section 3

GS1 interviews key stakeholders

How will GS1 Standards help to meet today's Healthcare supply chain challenges? Hear from key stakeholders from the FDA, NEHTA, Abbott, Pfizer, and more, on how they believe GS1 and GS1 Standards can and will help to meet those challenges and improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.

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Stakeholders who were interviewed include Steve Capel (Covidien), Grant Courtney (GlaxoSmithKline), Feargal McGroarty (St. James's Hospital, Ireland), Dr. Meinrad Lugan (B.Braun), Mike Meakin (DHL), Graham Medwell (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK), Doris Nessim (North York General Hospital, Canada), and Prof. Christian Lovis (University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland), Jay Crowley (FDA, USA), Ken Nobbs (National eHealth Transition Authority, Australia), Peggy Staver (Pfizer), Mike Wallace (Abbott), and Volker Zeinar (B.Braun).

Section 4

GS1 Healthcare US - Standardization...Stat! (USA)

Improving the Healthcare Supply Chain with Data Standards. See and hear industry participants from: Amerinet, Becton Dickinson (BD), Intermountain Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, Premier, Inc., and UK Healthcare.

For more information, visit www.gs1us.org/healthcare.
Video funded by the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition (HSCSC). 

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Section 5

GS1 Healthcare Conference

Mark Neuenschwander on bar codes at the point of care (GS1 Healthcare Conference). Presentation on bedside bar code technology to prevent medication errors and save lives.

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Section 6

BRIDGE Pharma Traceability Pilot (EU)

The Pharma Traceability Pilot aimed to demonstrate the implementation of a full supply chain traceability system of pharmaceutical products in a live, operating environment.

BRIDGE (Building Radio Frequency IDentification for the Global Environment) was a European Union funded 3-year Integrated Project addressing ways to resolve the barriers to the implementation of RFID in Europe, based upon GS1 EPCglobal standards.

For more information, visit http://www.bridgecasestudy.com/

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Section 7

Permanent Secretary Hong Kong opens GS1 Conference

Sandra Lee, Permanent Secretary Hong Kong, opened the 15th Global GS1 Healthcare Conference in Hong Kong (6-8 October 2009). View her complete keynote speech, and all plenary sessions, at www.gs1.org/healthcare (Hong Kong post-event site). 

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Section 8

GS1 Sweden & EFPIA Pilot

To enable verificiation at the point of dispense as a measure to fight counterfeiting, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) believes mass serialisation of pharmaceuticals will become a reality in Europe over the next 4 to 5 years. EFPIA advocates the GS1 DataMatrix bar code with a unique product identifier (GTIN), batch number, expiry data and serial number, as the minimum data standard. EFPIA is currently piloting this concept in Sweden. During a 4 month period, 110,000 packs will be verified at 180 dispensing points at 25 pharmacies in the greater Stockholm area.

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Section 9

Traceability at Robert Ballanger Hospital (France)

Traceability project at the Robert Ballanger Hospital in France based on GS1 Standards.

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Section 10

GS1 Standards in Healthcare

How do GS1 Standards help to meet the challenges of today's healthcare supply chain? This short video clip explains where global standards can help to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency. 

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Section 11

GS1 Standards im Spital und darüber hinaus

Section 12

The Waiting Room

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