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Internationale Broschüren

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Transport & Logistics

This section of the Knowledge Centre gives you the opportunity to view the GS1 Transport and Logistics standards and provides assistance in their implementation.

Transport & Logistics

Section 3

European Industry Guidance for Standard Case Code Labeling including Extended Product Attributes

The FMCG industry has traditionally used case level information to facilitate the flow of goods through the supply chain, from manufacturer to retail store. Current common practice in Europe is to use EAN-13 or ITF-14 barcodes at case level, which are limited to providing the GTIN, and to link them to the EDI DESADV message in combination with the pallet barcode (SSCC) in order to identify each case on a pallet. However, there is a growing recognition in the industry, triggered by individual retailer requests, that product traceability and improved warehouse automation can be achieved if trading partners are able to exchange more detailed information, both static and dynamic, directly at case level.


Section 4

Traceability for Sustainable Trade: A Framework to design Traceability Systems for Cross Border Trade (ECE/TRADE/429)

Consumers and producers are increasingly interested in knowing how products are made and whether there are any adverse environmental or social impacts. While two products may look or feel similar, consumers may still distinguish between them on the basis of certain intangible policy claims, such as whether they are “organic” or “sustainably produced”. Since these types of claims are difficult or impossible to measure merely by looking at the product, it is necessary to have mechanisms to “trace” these products and the policy claims about them.

Traceability for Sustainable Trade

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