fTrace ensures transparency

Consumers want to know what they are eating, where the food comes from, how it was processed and what ingredients were used. Thanks to GS1 standards, fTrace enables the required traceability in the supply chain and thus creates the required transparency.

With fTrace, GS1 Switzerland offers a solution where every product can be traced from production to the end consumer. Among other things, questions about origin, processing and quality can be answered, regardless of whether the product is meat, fish, fruit or vegetables.

The fTrace traceability solution is based on GS1 identification standards and EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services). The traceability solution applies across industries and the information exchange is international and multilingual. The solution covers the entire value chain, from the producer of the individual raw materials to the consumer.

For the unique identification of supply chain participants, the system uses the Global Location Number (GLN) and for product identification the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) in combination with GS1 symbologies such as the GS1 DataBar or GS1 128.

For the transmission of batch-based information of origin, fTrace relies on the EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) information service from GS1. EPCIS is characterised by the fact that all events along the value chain are recorded. Every processing step that the product undergoes is stored in the cloud-based fTrace database. With fTrace, the time-consuming collection and maintenance of data by retailers is no longer necessary.

A smartphone app serves as the ticket to the fTrace world of information. The customer scans the DataBar with the app and receives detailed information about a fresh product in seconds. Any question can be asked: when was the field harvested, when was the fish caught or when was the meat butchered? From what region is the tomato and from what farm is the beef?

With fTrace, consumers receive transparent and reliable information on the origin, processing and quality of food.

Sezer Özkan
Product Management & Development GS1 System

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Recording of all processing steps


Transparency through information


Batch-based traceability


Based on GS1 standards


Cross-industry traceability solution