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Hanspeter Stöcklin

Senior Managing Consultant
GS1 Consulting

T +41 58 800 70 35
F +41 58 800 73 99

Process optimisation

New requirements demand new solutions; new competitors force us to reduce costs and react more quickly. Technological development demands continuous adaptation and automation of our work processes.

Originally a quality assurance task, process optimisation has become an all-embracing management task: process optimisation includes all processes that ensure a company's processes are aligned with internal and external requirements. This means recognising a constant need for change and the impact of change in terms of reducing costs, creating competitive advantage, improving safety and the need for constant communication with suppliers and customers.

Experience shows that, while actually changing processes is usually "simple", the impact of implementing the changes is huge.

  • New or changed processes have the effect of modifying tasks, skills and responsibilities. To minimise uncertainty and resistance, staff should be involved in the change process.
  • As a result of process changes master data will frequently need to be supplemented, or in extreme cases completely revised. This raises the question of data standards to structure internal and external communications (order, commission, production, supply and delivery) and use them across company boundaries.
  • All process steps for a product or service are defined for the whole process, going well beyond the company boundary.
  • Last but not least, process changes necessitate adjustments to process support tools and in consequence to the existing system landscape as well. This means there is a great deal of work in fully working out and describing the target process while taking into account the process support systems of the future.

Process optimisation: How GS1 Switzerland can assist you

  • Creation of uniform standards for flows of goods, information and values internal and external to the company  
  • Provision of jointly developed process standards (goods flows, merchandise planning models such as vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and cross docking etc.)
  • Methods of process modulation (IXPRA)
  • Specific assistance for process optimisation during consultancy projects