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Richard Chresta

Head of Administration & Support
Senior Standards Expert GS1 System

T +41 58 800 72 24
F +41 58 800 72 99

Global Product Classification (GPC)

GPC stands for Global Product Classification and it enables the classification of products. It can be used for master data management and procurement. The advantage: the GS1 Standard is effective globally and ensures that products are grouped consistently. This improves the completeness and quality of master data.

GPC is relevant to everybody who uses the GDSN and/or trustbox In these cases, you have to classify your products in accordance with GPC. GPC is also of interest to purchasers and category managers; they can use GPC to find (new) products easily according to pre-defined criteria.


The classification has four levels: segment, family, class and brick. The brick is the key component of the GPC and describes a category of similar products, such as milk. That is where it differs from the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), which identifies one specific product. By contrast, a brick can cover a number of products, i.e. multiple GTINs. If it is not detailed enough, it can be assigned additional attributes.