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Dr.-Ing. Uwe Rüdel

Head of Industry Engagement  
Technical Industries

Tel. +41 58 800 70 37
M +41 79 264 94 41 




Heinz Graf

Senior Standards Expert
GS1 System

T +41 58 800 72 29
F +41 58 800 72 99

Creating digital factories with GS1

Industry 4.0, the initiative for total digital networking and high levels of automation, demands cross-company standards and solutions for complex value networks. For over 40 years, GS1 standards have been enabling unique identification of components, products, sites and people and automated communication between them. This creates transparent, efficient value chains.

Industry 4.0 is heralding a new economic age. The physical world is linking with the virtual. Digitally networked, intercommunicating production and distribution systems respond with speed and flexibility to customer demands, and organise their own servicing and repairs autonomously.

The worldwide GS1 organisation has decades of experience in this area and a strong and unique position. For over 40 years GS1 has been successfully developing principles and solutions for data-led, standardised business processes. Our standards and data formats are key components for transparency and optimisation of sophisticated processes and complex value chains. More than 1.5 million companies across the world rely on GS1 standards.

For this vision to succeed there needs to be smooth exchange of large volumes of data along all value chains. Seamless horizontal networking connects consumers, customers, suppliers, logistics providers and production sites. Industry 4.0 is changing all business and process models. But none of it will work without unique, unmistakeable data.

Thanks to the principle we live by, "Identify – Capture – Share", different technologies are growing together into integrated systems and paving the way into the digital world of Industry 4.0. Our communications and process standards ensure data can be understood across the world with no need for interpretation. They provide transparency and lay the foundation for digital solutions. The GS1 system includes a wide range of identification and communication tools. We also provide solutions for master data management and process optimisation. We offer consultancy around digital value chains.

GS1 Switzerland is a member of the "Industry 2025" initiative. This aims to help disseminate and implement the Industry 4.0 vision and related concepts across business in Switzerland. Would you like to find out how you can use GS1 standards and process models to optimise your value networks or supply chain? Then talk to our experts. They have many years of experience in identification and process optimisation and will give you professional support in networking and optimising your value chain.