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Membership support

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GS1 Switzerland Member ­- Your Key to Success

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes with the GS1 system. Our standards help you to cooperate with suppliers, customers and organisations more easily and meet legal requirements. Become a member of GS1 Switzerland and enjoy a number of additional services.

GS1 stands for One Global System, One Global Solution and One Global Standard and is the leading international not-for-profit organisation for development and application of global standards. The GS1 System optimises logistics and supply chains. The standards provide a common language and enable consistent communication around the globe.

The GS1 system follows this basic principle: a globally unique identification number enables automatic data and goods processing. Transmission of addresses, item descriptions and other details is replaced by GS1 identifiers in electronic data communication. Using the ID number, the user gains access to information saved on the databases at the supplier, service provider and recipient companies.

More than 110 country organisations are connected to GS1 which has its headquarters in Brussels. GS1 Switzerland supports companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. More than 5,300 member companies use the GS1 system in Switzerland, while globally it serves more than one million companies. In addition to the introduction and development of the GS1 system, GS1 Switzerland’s services include the provision of process recommendations in the supply chain and demand management, training programmes and a variety of events. 

Advantages of Your Membership

  • We connect
    Our standards and process recommendations make your day-to-day work easier for you. You will be part of an exceptional network and will be able to benefit from other companies’ experiences, exchanges in committees and a number of specialist events. 
  • We know
    You will have access to our vast wealth of experience with the GS1 system, logistics, supply chain and demand management. You will get first-hand information on national and international trends from forums, conferences, study trips and company tours, from studies and specialist literature, our GS1 Network magazine and other publications.
  • We standardise
    You will always be informed about the newest global GS1 standards and can influence their further and new development.
  • We train
    We offer a broad and varied training service with first-class speakers, superb quality and an excellent reputation.
  • We advise
    We offer support across industries on swift implementation of standards and improving processes in your value chain.

In addition you will enjoy a variety of benefits from the training programme, publications and conferences, congresses and forums.