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Dr. Raphael Pfarrer
Director GS1 Consulting

T +41 58 800 70 47

Management and process consulting

We compete with the best and bring our ideas, standards and applications to your company in a pragmatic and beneficial way. Our ambition is to develop and introduce integrated, intelligent and cost-effective solutions with our customers.

Together with you, we will devise a customised consultancy service and offer you the exact solution to your problems. With our vast wealth of knowledge and experience, we will work with you to develop functional strategies to optimise revenue and costs.

We look for potential for improvement in capital expenditure, investments and stock and draw up efficient, reliable and quick processes in the supply chain and in demand management. If necessary, we will support you in your collaboration with partners. We will take on the role of neutral moderator or help your customers or suppliers to adjust their processes in line with standards.

Systematic approach

Our approach involves transparent analysis, creation of measures and procedures which are ready to be introduced and relevant to company practices, customer-specific implementation and the guarantee of sustainable and measurable results in:

  • handling supply chain and demand management issues
  • increasing profitability
  • reducing procurement costs
  • providing support with customers and supplier integration
  • optimising business processes along the supply chain 


Our consultancy services take an integrated approach. We do of course focus on specific concerns, but we also keep the entire process in mind at all times. The GS1 standards and ECR models are designed to be used in demand and supply chain and logistics processes within and across companies. This means we can include the end-to-end processes from raw materials to the manufacturing industry and its service providers to retail and specialised trade.

GS1 Switzerland supports companies’ process optimisation through a range of services:

  • creation of uniform standards for in-house and external goods, information and value flows
  • provision of jointly developed process standards (goods flows, merchandise planning models such as vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and cross docking)
  • process modulation methods (IXPRA)
  • specific process optimisation support in consultancy projects 

When it comes to support through consultancy services, GS1 Switzerland offers a particularly broad spectrum of complementary capabilities:

  • Basic methodological knowledge in the field of business process modulation. Familiarity with IXPRA as the GS1 method for process recording
  • Experience (knowledge from a very large number of fields and therefore a greater pool of process models in the form of best practices)
  • Change management stands for the ability to guide a company, turn targets into results for all employees and enshrine fundamental elements of knowledge in the company