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I need a barcode (EAN code)

You need a GTIN (global trade item number) to generate a barcode for your product.


There are two possible ways to obtain a GTIN: become a member of GS1 Switzerland, or order a single GTIN.

Membership is the typical choice:


1. Click here to download the GS1 Switzerland membership form. Please send the completed form to us by e-mail. It will take around 3 working days to process your application.


2. Congratulations, you are now a GS1 member and have received a GCP (global company prefix) from us. This enables you to generate your GTIN.


3. Click here to generate several GTIN with your GCP. Assign one GTIN to each product. Please keep the data in a safe place.


4. Generate the relevant barcodes using the GTIN: please go to our barcode generator to do this..


5. You can now use the barcode in retail for your product (online and offline).

The other way is single GTIN, the right solution for you if you only need one or a few GTIN.

To find out which option is the most suitable for you, first check out how many GTIN you need. The GTIN assignment rules will help you to establish the number of GTIN you need.

Use our online calculator to find out whether becoming a member or a single GTIN is more cost-effective for you. Please contact us if you have any queries by sending an e-mail or phoning us on 0900 58 72 00.