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What is a GLN?


The Global Location Number (GLN) facilitates unambiguous and unique identification of:

  1. Physical locations – a site (a division, building or group of buildings) or an area at the site (e.g. ramp, meeting room etc.)
  2. Digital locations – a digital location is an electronic (not physical) address used for communication between computers.
  3. Legal persons – every company, every public authority, department, non-profit organisation, trade or institution which is legally recognised and authorised to conclude contracts and sign agreements
  4. Offices – (sub-)departments of an organisation, e.g. marketing

GS1 basic numbers (Global Company Prefix, GCP) for GLNs in Switzerland are issued by GS1 Switzerland and can be registered and found (search) via the Swiss GLN Search database.

Section 2

What is GLN Search?

Use GLN Search to manage and publish your GLN. It gives all your business partners quick and easy access to your public data. It also means that you can easily search your business partners' data.

Section 3

I need a GLN. What do I do?

There are two options for obtaining a GLN:

  1. Become a member
    You receive a GS1 basic number (Global Company Prefix, GCP) and can use it to generate 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 identification numbers. It can be used to create both GTINs (Global Trade Item Number) for identifying products and GLNs (Global Location Number) for identifying locations. There are many other benefits for members, including services such as advice and training.
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  2. Obtain a licence for a block of 10 GLNs
    You will receive 10 address identification numbers. These cannot be used to label products.
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Membership fees

by sales category 21

300.- CHF/year

Supplement for using the GS1 system2

100.- CHF/year

400.- CHF/year

Cost of a block of 10 numbers

block of 10 GLN

200.- CHF/year

3x Single GTIN

270.- CHF/year


470.- CHF/year

1 Your company's global annual sales are decisive, not the sales achieved with products labelled on the basis of the GS1 System (go to sales category).

2 Basic membership does not include the use of the GS1 system. If you want to use the (GS1 system) identification numbers, a supplement is payable. The supplement is also based on your company's sales.

For Joe, membership is the more attractive option. It works out cheaper and provides many benefits, such as advice, support and training.

Use the calculator to find out quickly and easily which option is more cost-effective for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Section 4

How do I structure the GLN correctly?

GS1 Switzerland will send you a GS1 basic number (Global Company Prefix, GCP). Use this to generate additional GLNs.

Example based on a block of 10 GLNs:


The first GLN of a GS1 basic number (GCP) is automatically defined by GS1 Switzerland as the address for general communications with the company.

Use this basic number to generate the following GLNs:

Beispiel mit einer 10er Block GLN_TabelleEN
Section 5

I already have one or more GLNs: where do I manage them?

  1. Please log in at the top right, using the same log-in details you use for If you don't have log-in details for, please register.
  2. You can edit your master data (main address and main contact) in the MyGLN menu, as well as add and edit your GLNs. You always select the GLNs you want to publish and those you wish to use for internal purposes or testing.

NB: the MyGLN menu is only available to view for the main contact of GS1 Switzerland. If you work for a group subsidiary, please contact the parent company.

Section 6

I have noticed an error.

Have you found an error in a GLN entry, e.g. wrong address or link that does not work?

Please contact the relevant person for this GLN. The relevant contact is listed under 'Contact details'.

Any other errors, e.g. bugs and incorrect GPS coordinates, can be notified to us by e-mail.

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